• We offer exquisite range and high level of service in our stores

  • We supply restaurants with first class meat and meat products

  • Superb meat products offer at the best prices

  • Large selection of quality fresh meat and meat products

About us

Our very first meat shop was founded by Peter and Juliana Papp on April 15th 1965 in Velika Greda. Papps worked in very poor conditions and store was known as a meat shop "Peter Papp"

With strong commitment to work, shop constantly and gradually progressed to 1971 and 1972. The first two employees then have been hired and Papps opened their first meat store in Pancevo, where were used equipped machines imported from Slovenia.

The new store in Kovin was opened in 1989, and two years later during the worst economic crisis opened another store in Smederevo. At the end of 1993's economic crisis, new store was opened in Smederevo and "Papp" continues its path to success.

Son Peter joins the busines in 1990 and continues the tradition of his parents. Today's slaughterhouses "Papp" are equipped with high quality machines, applies technology that meets the demands of European markets and in the future seek to further enrich its comprehensive range of products, mainly craft.

We plan to introduce additional services like grilling, to expand capacity and increase the number of employees and sales facilities throughout Serbia.