• We offer exquisite range and high level of service in our stores

  • We supply restaurants with first class meat and meat products

  • Superb meat products offer at the best prices

  • Large selection of quality fresh meat and meat products


Independent slaughterhouses and meat processing, "Papp" deals mainly with slaughter pigs and cattle and processing meat in meat products by the Hungarian, German and Serbian recipes.

A wide range of products can be divided into several groups:

Fresh meat

  • fresh beef and pork, fresh shaped kebabs and skewers, marinated pork chop, rolled liver

Boiled sausage

  • liverwurst, blood sausages, headcheese, pate, boiled grojnik

Finely minced boiled sausage

  • special, hot dog, Bayern, leberkez, safalada crafts, homemade salami

Coarsely minced boiled sausage

  • Tyrol, sausage, Carniolan, Hungarian, beer, powder, toast, sausage craft

Smoked products

  • roasted smoked bacon, smoked ribs, tenderloin, smoked ham, smoked barbecue sausage, smoked ham, shank, dry ribs, dry bones

Fermented (sustainable) products

  • tea, sausage, winter, sudžuk, Uzice tenderloin, mini tee, mini chili, Szeged, domestic sausage

Roast grill

  • kebabs, kebabs rolled, white pork, rolled liver, pork chop, pork neck